Installing Ubuntu on a OLPC Xo – Part 1

Well thanks to the Ubuntu On OLPC XO wiki page I was able to successfully install Ubuntu on my OLPC.
I did however run into a few hitches.

1. Wireless Internet Connection

The wiki page doesn’t make reference to how to setup WEP wireless connection, it only mentions WPA (NETWORKING) so I had to do a bit of research: How to connect to wireless (WEP) in ubuntu?
turns out that the following does the trick:

iwconfig eth1 essid "mySSID" key mywepkey
sudo dhclient eth1

Now I had to figure out how to add this to a startup script so that it would automatically connect to my wireless router upon boot up: Automatic Wireless Connection (At Startup)?
All I had to do was add the following to /etc/network/interfaces

# Wireless Connection
iface eth1 inet dhcp
wireless-key hex-key
wireless-essid ssid

auto eth1

where hex-key = my WEP hex key & ssid = my routers wireless SSID

2. Mouse Problems

The Customizing Ubuntu for XO wiki page explains how to fix the tap-click issue and sensitivity, however the sensitivity issue I am having is that my mouse is too insensitive, My mouse pointer FLY’s across the screen when I move my finger, so instead of using the wiki’s recommened:
xset m 1/4 0
I am using:
xset m 25/20 0
and it is much better now.

3. Screen Saver

The first thing I noticed was there was no screensaver installed, when I went to Settings > Screensaver Settings, I got the following error: screensaver-settings-error
I was able to install xscreensaver, but I got another error every time I made a change to xscreensaver’s settings “Directory does not exist: /usr/share/backgrounds” a quick google search and I found a solution:
sudo apt-get install screensaver-default-images

Part 2 of my setup woe’s comming soon…

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