Installing Ubuntu on a OLPC Xo – Part 1

July 10, 2008

Well thanks to the Ubuntu On OLPC XO wiki page I was able to successfully install Ubuntu on my OLPC.
I did however run into a few hitches.

1. Wireless Internet Connection

The wiki page doesn’t make reference to how to setup WEP wireless connection, it only mentions WPA (NETWORKING) so I had to do a bit of research: How to connect to wireless (WEP) in ubuntu?
turns out that the following does the trick:

iwconfig eth1 essid "mySSID" key mywepkey
sudo dhclient eth1

Now I had to figure out how to add this to a startup script so that it would automatically connect to my wireless router upon boot up: Automatic Wireless Connection (At Startup)?
All I had to do was add the following to /etc/network/interfaces

# Wireless Connection
iface eth1 inet dhcp
wireless-key hex-key
wireless-essid ssid

auto eth1

where hex-key = my WEP hex key & ssid = my routers wireless SSID

2. Mouse Problems

The Customizing Ubuntu for XO wiki page explains how to fix the tap-click issue and sensitivity, however the sensitivity issue I am having is that my mouse is too insensitive, My mouse pointer FLY’s across the screen when I move my finger, so instead of using the wiki’s recommened:
xset m 1/4 0
I am using:
xset m 25/20 0
and it is much better now.

3. Screen Saver

The first thing I noticed was there was no screensaver installed, when I went to Settings > Screensaver Settings, I got the following error: screensaver-settings-error
I was able to install xscreensaver, but I got another error every time I made a change to xscreensaver’s settings “Directory does not exist: /usr/share/backgrounds” a quick google search and I found a solution:
sudo apt-get install screensaver-default-images
Fixed 🙂

Part 2 of my setup woe’s comming soon…


Linux + Xorg + VMware = trouble

July 4, 2008

Apparently there is a severe bug that relates to multiple distributions of Linux (I am using Ubuntu) and it has to do with VMware and Xorg. This bug causes the keyboard to go all out of whack when using VMware in full screen mode. As of right now there isn’t a solution to the problem but there are a few workarounds:

  1. execute ‘setxkbmap’ from the terminal
  2. In Ubuntu, Go to Applications > Other > Keyboard Layout, and remove the keyboard layout and then add it back and re-apply

Hopefully someone will correct this issue soon. But for now it seems like everyone is passing the buck (Xorg is blaming VMware, VMware is blaming Linux & Xorg, etc…)

If anyone has some incite or other work-arounds please post.

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